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MIMO Antennas PDF Print E-mail

Coding and modulation for wireless communications with multiple antennas

The wireless communication channel is affected by the detrimental effect of fading, which causes a degradation in the reliability of communication. The area of space-time coding is all about the design and analysis of transmission schemes for multiple antenna wireless communication systems known as Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems. It has been established that using multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver along, with intelligent signal design, enables us to achieve better reliability as well as increase the transmission rate.
Recently, Zheng and Tse [1] have quantified the best possible reliability that any space-time scheme can achieve for a given data rate and have termed this tradeoff between rate and reliability as the diversity-multiplexing gain (D-MG) tradeoff. Among our recent research results we have constructed the Golden code an optimal code for 2x2 MIMO providing a scheme to achieve the D-MG tradeoff. This code was adopted in the 802.16e WiMax standard. The explicit construction of space-time codes that achieve this tradeoff for higher order MIMO resulted in new codes known as Perfect codes [2]. Our constructions have an interesting abstract algebraic framework, being derived from algebraic objects called division algebras.

More details can be found visiting the Prof. Viterbo home page.

1. L. Zheng and D. Tse, Diversity and multiplexing: A fundamental tradeoff in multiple-antenna channels, IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, vol. 49, n. 5, pp. 1073-1096, May 2003.
2. F. E. Oggier, G. Rekaya, J.-C. Belfiore, and E. Viterbo: Perfect space time block codes, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 52(9), September 2006.

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